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Welcome to our site!

The MFA program at the Whidbey Island Writers Association – Northwest Institute of Literary Arts (NILA) – began in 2005, with the first graduating class in 2007.  Since then, the alumni pool has grown exponentially. This website is a place to connect, to share, to further grow.

Our mission statement is:

To represent and promote alumni and interests of Whidbey Writers’ Workshop MFA
Program (Whidbey MFA) by facilitating on-going relationships between Whidbey MFA
and its alumni and by fostering loyalty and support for Whidbey MFA.

-    Serve and represent Whidbey MFA.
-    Advance the goals and missions of Whidbey MFA and the Association.
-    Foster effective communication between Whidbey MFA and its alumni and friends.
-    Provide opportunities for alumni to support Whidbey MFA.
-    Communicate the strengths, concerns and needs of Whidbey MFA.
-    Project a quality image of Whidbey MFA and the Association.
-    Offer programs and services that build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for Whidbey MFA.

Click HERE to learn more about the alumni association and its board of directors.

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